Manipuri Grammar

Manipuri Grammar

Author Name: Ch. Yashawanta Singh


ISBN : 81-85891-33-8

Edition : Paper Back

Categories : Text Books, Linguistics, Books on/from North East India


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This book is a reference grammar of Manipuri language describing phonology, morphology, morphophonemics, sybtax and semantics with adequate illustrations. The book takes an additional care of how language is used in the society. A chapter called 'Social Grammar' is also added in this book. The very chapter makes distinct from other Manipuri Grammars. The book is intended to strengthen the basic foundation to show that the former Manipuri Sanskrit scholars are not scientific in analysing the language. The present grammar describes adequately. \n \nManipuri shared Tibeto-Burman features such as three positional occurrence of h, tone, agglutinative, verb morphology, predominance of aspect than tense, lack of grammatical gender, number, person. Other features are verb final in word order, lack of grammatical relation between 'subject' and 'object', lack of numeral classifier and extensive suffix with more limited prefixation. In this language, different word classes are formed by affixation of the respective markers.

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Year 2011
Pages 250
Edition Paper Back
Author Name Ch. Yashawanta Singh
About the Authors Ch. Yashawanta Singh