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We are primarily an academic publisher with focussed publishing in the areas of Social Sciences and Humanities for students and academics in higher education. At the initial stage we would prefer to receive a proposal rather than a complete manuscript. In order to help us assess and respond to your proposal quickly and efficiently, we would appreciate if you could include the following information in your proposal:


Although provisional at this stage, a good title is enormously helpful to decide about a books publication. Title should be broad-perspective, informative and simple. We would ask you to suggest at least 2 – 3 alternative book titles.


A short summary of the book should be enclosed. Preferably this should not be more than 400 words.


Contents should be clear and informative. Chapter headings and main subheadings within the chapters should be provided. If your work is an edited volume, include a list of contributors including their affiliations (please note that authors are responsible for procuring any necessary permissions).

Sample Chapter

We would appreciate to receive a sample chapter of the book along with one sample page of references/bibliography.

Technical Details

Provide details of the software. Proposed length of the book (number of pages and word count). Details about tables, maps, illustrations, photographs etc. included.

Information about Yourself

Provide your latest CV with brief details of relevant lecturing, research, writing, publications, etc. The CV should have your complete contact details including your email.

Submitting your Proposal

Please submit your proposal by post/fax/email to the following address :


4226-A/1, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj,

New Delhi-110 002 (INDIA)

Email :

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