A Text Book of Geomorphology

A Text Book of Geomorphology

Author Name: P. Dayal


ISBN : 81-85891-56-7

Edition : Paper Back

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"This book has been written by an internationally known senior geographer and is based on his long and varied experience of teaching and research in India and abroad. It is a comprehensive textbook for the Honours and Post-Graduate Students of Geography and Geology in the Indian Universities. It provides a balanced, up-to-date and lucid account of both structural and erosional geomorphology. While the new concepts of plate tectonics, sea-floor spreading and continental drift which have revolutionized geomorphological thinking in recent years are given adequate coverage, the latest findings and theories regarding the origin, morphology and distribution of fluvial, arid, glacial periglacial, karst and coastal and submarine landforms and the evolution of slopes and volcanic and tectonic landforms are systematically reviewed and analysed. Throughout the emphasis is on the comprehensive chapter on Applied Geomorphology. The revised edition includes several new diagrams and fresh material on surface flow, river regimes, channel morphology, and pediplanation. Examples and illustrations are taken from type areas in the different parts of the globe but special care has been taken to include numerous examples from the Indian sub-continent. The long list of bibliographic references should be especially useful for the postgraduate and research students as well as those interested in further studies."

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Year 2023
Pages 740
Edition Paper Back
Author Name P. Dayal
About the Authors P. Dayal