Geography of Meghalaya

Geography of Meghalaya

Author Name: R. Gopalakrishnan


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A textbook on Geography of Meghalaya is long-awaited to apprise the students of the various aspects of the geography of this state, which is almost coterminous with the Plateau of Meghalaya. Over the period of almost a decade, one has felt the utter need of a systematic and regional account of this tribal dominated area, so that the students are fully aware of intricate man-nature relationship as well as the developmental processes continuing to transform the socio-economic profile of the state. The present book is an attempt to the fill up this gap for a fuller understanding of the state. Long stay and continued fieldwork in different parts of state has given much desired perspective to unfold many crucial aspects of man environment development syndrome. It has been a constant care to present the systematic treatment in simple language so that the young students are in a position to appreciate the details of geography of the area. The book is divided into chapters dealing with the geographical framework, population dynamics and spatial distribution, agriculture and its development, industrial landscape and potentials, communication and transport linkages and the salient aspects of settlements and the levels of regional development etc. The text is supported with meaningful maps, diagrams and illustrations so that visual understanding and comprehension enrich the knowledge of the readers. \nAs a tect book one hopes that it will serve the desired purpose of bringing geography closer to the young enthsiastic mind of the university students. One hopes that it will create further sense of inquiry among them as well as it meets the fuller requirements of preparing for their examinations.

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Year 1989
Pages 120
Edition Paper Back
Author Name R. Gopalakrishnan
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